• Íslendingasögur as Prosimetrum. Project in cooperation with Judy Quinn (University of Cambridge), funded by DFG/AHRC.
  • MoMod (Modes of Modification): In collaboration with Karl-Gunnar A. Johansson (Oslo), Anna Horn (Oslo), Jonatan Petterson (Stockholm), Massimiliano Bampi (Venice) and Elise Kleivane (Oslo). My subproject “Texts in the Insular Distance. Narrative Concepts in Medieval Icelandic Literature” examines the selection and evaluation criteria according to which the anonymously transmitted Íslendingasögur got a place in the literary system of the Icelandic Middle Ages and how these criteria changed in the course of the lore of the texts.
  • The Human Condition: Generic differences in information about life, death, emotions.
  • Narrative self-image and aesthetic awareness of the Icelandic sagas.

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